Conservatory & Windows Installation

There are few things which will enhance your home or add to your lifestyle quite like one of our extensions.

Whether you’d like to bring the garden more into your home, have a little extra room to relax, or simply indulge yourself in a light and tranquil setting all year round, then Top Coat Roofing has the answer for you.

From the simple to the luxurious, a tailor made Top Coat Roofing conservatory is the perfect way to add style, space and value to your home.

A conservatory has a fully glazed roof in glass or polycarbonate. They bring in lots of light and add a new type of room to your home. To facilitate sunshine, conservatories are built with 50% and 75% of glass on the walls and roof respectively. We have a broad range of modern designs and options to make your conservatory your own.

A full range of conservatories for every size of home

We can install a wide range of conservatory styles in all shapes and sizes to suit every type and size of home. Through our range of windows, doors and roof options we can create a home extension that is unique to you and also complements your home and its surroundings. Our versatile roofing system allows for span and pitch variations for almost any configuration and size.

Finishing Options available include:

  • Variety of roof finishes including glass and polycarbonate.
  • Wood-grain and colour options.
  • Fully glazed designs with glass from floor to roofline or combinations with various dwarf wall heights
  • Decorative glass options to fanlights or sides